My Newly Reorganized Sewing Space

Sewing Area

Sewing Area

I decided to reorganize and actually completly move my sewing/craft space today. When my Dad’s office flooded a couple of weeks ago, he decided to get rid of the couch that sat where my stuff is now, in order to make room for boxes of books. Well, there are many books still sitting on the shelves in his office, so I decided to jump on the space and move from one end of the basement to the other. The end I was on was very, very dark. For some reason the former owners who finished the basement decided not to carry the lights all the way down the basement, thus leaving a dark corner. (That’s only one of the few odd things they did. ) I had been wanting to move out of the dark, but didn’t have a place to go till now. Plus, the new sewing machine was an extra insentive to move and reorganize things.  You can see my beloved old Kenmore on the bottom shelf on the left.

More detailed pictures to come tomorrow! I need to go to bed, as there is no guarentee of a snow delay or closing yet…


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