Check out the Tutorial Guide!

It’s starting to bust at the seems (no pun intended) with links to some awesome tutorials! I’ve now added to 7 categories, with 6 more to go. I was going to add to each one as I went, but I’ve found it’s far easier to get all my ducks in a row for one, add to it, then move on the next. So that’s taking some time but it’s much easier than jumping back and forth amoung pages.

I’m hoping to add to least one more list this weekend, maybe two if your lucky, but I have 3 huge projects due by next Wed (some before) and lots of small ends to tie up before spring break. So who knows if they will get done. That and I have my art pieces for the Easter art gallery at church due on Sun. And I need to finish editing all the pictures of the kids I nanny for so I can hand over the CD to mom so she can make prints for SL’s first birthday party. I am almost done that, so that’s good.

Yeah… don’t ask me what I was/am thinking…


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