Fabric Stash

Large Cuts Stash

Large Cuts Stash

Here is my stash of larger cut of cottons. On the left are the flannels and fleeces. The middle is the under 1/2 yard stack, many of them are from LA Chakra. That place can get a little addicting so I have to be careful how often I visit. On top of that pile is a stack of 5″x5″ squares from a square swap that I did a bit ago. I’m not sure what I’m going to do  with them yet though. And on the far right is all my over 1/2 yard cuts. It’s fairly obvious I need to learn how to fold more evenly and uniformly. Now I know why I rather hang up all my clothes versus fold them and put them in drawers. It’s a pretty small stash right now, but for depending on what I want to make, I can often just raid my stash versus having to go out and buy somthing (given I don’t screw up), which is nice, but I’d love to have a million dollars to grow it more. If only…


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