You Can Make This!

youcan_blog11 One of my favorite sites for a while was This site is full of patterns for pretty much  everything imaginable. All of the patterns come in a e-book style that download straight to your computer for quick use. These books are great for the beginner as they usually have tons of pictures and very clear and precise instructions. YCMT is responsible for helping me create some of the first things that I ever made!

I don’t rely on their stuff too often now, as I’ve gotten much better at figuring things out on my own as well as having discovered free tutorials for a lot of things. I still do highly recommend them for the beginner though, as they are often a bit more detailed than some tutorials may be. They specialize in lots of boutique-y type things that you may have spotted on places like Etsy, but didn’t want to spend the money on.

Since discovering their site, they have also launch SWAK Embroidery which is a great resourse for me, now that I have a machine which does embroidery. And they also getting ready to launch another sister site, You Can Quilt This! I’m really excited about YCQT as I’m hoping to try my hand at quilting this summer.

As a promotional, they are also giving away a sewing machine. Pretty exciting huh?! So check it out and be sure to sign up for all their newsletters! You’ll receive great free stuff for signing up, but you also get more free stuff throughout the year in their newsletters, so it’s totally worth it. And no, they only send out emails every couple of weeks, so they don’t spam you. For the most part, the newsletters are always worth reading anyways.

Have fun!


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