And off to Guatemala It Goes

I sponsor a little girl, named Mirta, through Compassion International. She lives in Guatemala. I totally love being a sponsor! It’s really the best feeling ever, knowing that such a small amount of money (money I have yet to miss) is making such a difference in a child’s life. It’s amazing when you think about all that Compassion is able to provide with a meager $32 a month. Each child is part of a project, which provides them with a hot meal every dayif needed and clean water, as well as education enrichment, Christian education, medical care and hygiene education, and the experience of love and care from the body of Christ. These projects are run completly by locals and recieve support from the local church.

I had long known about CI, and had wanted to sponsor a child for quite a while. But for some reason I had just never done it. Every October, our local Christian radio station, WRBS, has a radiothon to benifit CI. It took me 2 years of listening before I finally took the plunge the 3rd year. At that time, I had no steady income,  gas prices were rising quickly, and my milage was too. $32 was one tank of gas for me, and I had no idea where this money was going to come from, but I felt God’s call and decided to do it. It has now been a year and a half and he has yet to fail me. I don’t think I’ve ever wished I had an extra $32 in my checking account.

It’s so fun to recieve a letter from your child. Mirta is only 5, so her’s is always written for her by one of the tutors at her project. But her letter’s sound like their coming from any other 5 year old I would know. They are often fairly random and bounce all over the place. But in every letter she always let’s me know she is praying for my family and I (how humbling) and she loves me lots and lots and sends lots of hugs and kisses.

About twice a year I try and send her a large package, full of lots of goodies. I can only send paper goodies, since 3-D type stuff will usually get held up in customs. Here is what I included in the package that went out this weeked.

dsc_5770 Lots of of stickers and scrapbook paper went into a envelope. Stickers are of course always fun, and they can be stuck to the scrapbook paper, which can be colored or glued onto paper. I get the scrapbook paper out of the scrap packs that I find at Target int he dollar section. I buy them whenever I see them as they come in quite handy for a lot of things, including sending some to your sponsored child. The best place to find stickers is at the dollar store. I go once in a while and stock up.

There is also a Tinkerbell mini calender that I found at Wal-Mart for virtually pennies since they are now desperate to clear them.

So all the stickers and scrapbook paper went into an envelope, which got labeled with Mirta’s name and number. Then dsc_57721they joined the calender, some paper craft and sticker booklets (from the dollar store) and some coloring pages, some which were copied out of my own coloring books (yes my own, go read my about me), and some which I printed from this site online. Mirta seems to like to color and draw (as well as being quite good at it) since each of my letters has included a drawing by her that has been beautifully colored. I added in a letter as well, even though I had just sent her one via email.

Everything then got stuffed into a big enveloped, was addressed and then mailed off to CI to be sorted, mailed to Guatemala, where it would then be translated into Spanish, and then shipped out to Mirta’s village. It seems to take about 2-3 months for me to recieve my letters from her, so I’m guessing that’s about how long it takes her to get my letters and packages. Although I do try and email short messages more frequently since they get there faster. When I email directly through my account online, it goes straight to her country headquarters to be translated, so it cuts down on a lot of time. But real letters and packages are fun to get too, so I try to send some of those out once in a while.

If you sponsor a child, why don’t you take some time to write them today, and if you don’t sponsor a child, why don’t you make this your first day of being a sponsor! It will be one of the best gifts you ever give, to both your child, and yourself!


One thought on “And off to Guatemala It Goes

  1. That is great:), may you be blessed more for sharing in a part of yourself to others.
    If you need more coloring pages for your scrapbooks, here is a cool site with several coloring pages to choose: Have a happy Easter to you!

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