Playing catch up

Phew! Three long days, all ending with workouts are catching up to me! But it feels good! Ever since quitting dance after my senior year (ok I didn’t really quit, I just graduated) I haven’t really been that good about staying in shape. It’s a bit hard to believe the top physical shape I was in my senior year. I had a six-pack and extremely defined leg and arm muscles. I could crank out push-up, sit-ups and really whatever you wanted like no ones business. It’s a bit depressing now when I look back at it.

Parker climbing, one of his crazy moves.

Parker climbing, one of his crazy moves.

A few weeks ago, my friend, Megan, from school invited me to come to the free yoga class with her on Mondays. Then we discovered that they offered a hip-hop dance class for free on Wednesdays. We had been climbing either Tuesdays or Thursdays. So now I’ve been working out three days a week, and phew, it’s catching up to me! I’m so tired. But I can feel myself getting back in shape at the same time. I’ve really enjoyed getting back into climbing. I did that also my senior year and Megan’s boyfriend, Parker, is a competitive climber. So he’s been getting Megan and I in the gym. It’s slowly coming back to me. Strength is defiantly slowing me down, but I also feel like I’m getting back into the grove as far as technique. Yesterday, I quickly scaled some more challenging 5.6 routes (lowest at the gym is a 5.4, hardest is a 5.12. Parker is the only one who can do it clean, meaning without falls) and tried a 5.7 and did good till the end when I needed to make a big maneuver, fell and then just couldn’t work up the strength to finish it.

Click on the picture to view the rest of the album. These were actually shot in February.


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