Dish Towels and a Tote Bag

Back in April, I made a tote bag for my boyfriend’s mom for her birthday. I never got a chance to post it, so here it is.



As always, I made it up as I went. I just decided on how tall I wanted it to be, add in how wide I wanted to base to be, and then cut accordingly to make the outer panel. The inside is just solid navy blue, and I made the straps extra long because totes that don’t stay on your shoulder well because the straps are too short drive me nuts. And of course, the name on the bag was done by my lovely machine. If your looking for a tote bag tutorial, look in my tutorial guide (tabs above).

Wedding season has officially started now. I know quite a few people getting married this year so I’m trying to watch my “wedding budget.” My mom suggested embroidered dish towels, which is quite economical, especially since I already have a huge stash of fabrics. This go round I used flour sacks, but they were a bit on the thin side. I doubled them up, but I think I’m going to hunt for something else for the next round.  I think they turned out really cute and she loved them. Again, the embroidery was done by my machine.




Also, check out MckMama’s blog, My Charming Kids, for an awesome photography tutorial on how to make blurry backgrounds! I piggy backed off that and made a tutorial on how to use GIMP to make blurry backgrounds (she used Photoshop Elements), but of course, all the credit goes to her.


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