My ode to gift registries

Ah the gift registry. I love them. I hate them. But mostly I love them.

I have officially entered the season in my life where my friends are starting to get married. They are getting engaged by the hundreds, dozens. We seem to have entered a lull though, as no one has announced their engagement via fancy engagement announcements Facebook in about the past month. They really need to cut it out as I can’t afford this forever.

Which brings me to the topic of gift registries, I’ve been looking at them a lot lately. For the most part I find them quite helpful. It’s nice to know what the bride (and groom) want and need. And also what they already have! Case and point, my friend who had a shower thrown for her by some ladies in her parents church. I guess none of the older ladies felt the need to check her registry, which showed that her need and want for a crock pot had already been fulfilled. She ended up with 7 at this shower alone. It was a potluck dinner kind of church, and I guess they wanted to make sure she was prepared. But 7 crock pots? She was such a dear though and acted quite pleased as she opened up every single one.  I mean at least she had a lot to choose from when picking the one to keep.

But I’ve found there is a major problem with gift registries. When I go out to shop for the said gifts, I usually enter the store calmly, list in hand, and then somewhere in the middle, I started circling the store about 10 billion times like a chicken with my head cut off, and exit sometimes empty handed, and usually very frustrated. Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Target seem to be quite popular stores to register at, but I’ve found that their stock changes far too frequently, and varies so widely from store to store, that in many cases, not one item, out of like 100, can be found. You always have the option to by something else of course, or even the same item but a different brand. But then no one knows whether or not you got that item and if they also need another one. See? It’s a major problem. Sure you could always get a gift card, but I find it a bit tricky to elaborately wrap gift cards. And I find just a plain, old envelope unacceptable.

I also find it quite humorous how the registries are organized. There are kitchen softs, like the dishtowels and ever important oven mitt, but where is the category for kitchen hards? I was thinking the pots and pans, and the cutting boards would belong there. And door mats and shower curtains need their own category. A fish turner apparently falls under the basic housewares category, because, your obviously never going to use that in the kitchen, especially once you have a toddler.

I also noticed there are these little incentives. At Bed, Bath, and Beyond, there are incentives for putting the top brands on your registry. See you get extras, or as a 4 1/2 year old would call them, “prizes,” for not only putting it on your registry, but also, when your friends and family purchases all those items. “Well, that’s cool,” I thought to myself, until I looked through the list. So in order to get a spoon, I need to register for $2K of silverware, and then my friends need to buy it all, and for a cookbook, I need $500 worth of pots and pans (Note: numbers might be slightly exaggerated). Huh? For some reason, I’m just not buying it (no pun intended. Ok fine, I lie).

I thought for a while I would just by pass the whole gift registery thing and think of some other creative way to allow people to get me what I need without the hassle. But then I thought, what fun would that be? One day, it’s gonna be so payback time!


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