Gifts for the Teenage Girl

Shopping for teenagers is hard. I find boys impossible, but girls aren’t much better.

If your like me and like to be crafty and thrifty, it means that one must not only come up with a gift idea, but also something that one could make, and make it in a hurry if your a procrastinator, unlike myself.

My boyfriend’s sister’s birthday party was on Thursday. Her real 13th birthday isn’t until this Thursday, but I wanted to have something to give her at the party.

I decided to make this boxy bag from this tutorial by Patchy Apple. It makes a great sized bag, perfect for storing and transporting make-up and other toiletries. She was quite excited as she needed a larger bag for her ever growing make-up collection.


I think it turned out great, and I love my choices of fabrics. I’ve been feeling funky lately. The only things I would change would be to make the strap a bit wider and shorter. You could also tuck the corners more to make it taller. Depending on how the user plans to use it, this could be handy. I love my Vera Bradley large cosmetic bag, mostly because I can sit my bottles upright and it holds a ton of stuff! I think if you tucked the corners more, it could probably be pretty similar.

In honor of her birthday, here are some more ideas for gifts that you could give a teenage girl.

  • Various zipper bags, like the one I made, the boxy bag, or another varition here. The teeny, tiny boxy bag is perfect for storing items within another bag or purse.
  • You could make some items to match her room that she could use to store her stuff. Like these large storage baskets, these little patchwork ones, or these no-sew fabric covered boxes.
  • In my early teenage years, I changed my purse almost daily in order to match my outfit. Purses and bags are always practical gifts. I have a ton of tutorials listed in my guide. Check it out here, you should find something that you like!
  • These scrappy belts are way cute, and if she is techy and has her own laptop, a laptop sleeve could make a great gift. If she likes to write, a journal with a cute cover would be perfect! This top is also completely adorable!


In other notes:

I’m putting the finished touches on my “make your own blog header” post. It took me a bit longer than I thought to put together, which is why there is the delay.

I practically had a heart attack on Saturday when I went to this blog and saw that I had won best photo in the adult category. I’m still in slight shock.

If you would like to see some of my recent photography work, head here. I’ve added a new category so that everyone (read: my boyfriend) can see the before and after of some photos and hopefully better understand the work that goes into them. I’m happy to share how I did things if there is an interest.

I plan to attempt to add one more category to my tutorial guide. So start stalking, and let me know which category you want to see!

And lastly, be sure to click on the banner to the right of this postt and help my new cause, Invisible Children!


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