And a tutu for you…

I’m fairly certain every girl, at at least one point in her childhood or another, dreams of being a ballerina. I know I sure dreamed it. And actually I still do. But for now I’ll have to stick with living vicariously through those on So You Think You Can Dance. Unfortunately.

We all know that every ballerina wears a tutu (at least at some point). Thus, if your going to grow up and become a ballerina (or a fairy or a princess, or whatever you wish to become) you’re going to need a tutu.

I love making tutus. They are so simple (and cheap) to make. They make awesome gifts and are easy and inexpensive enough, you could easily use them as the perfect party favor to give away at that ballerina birthday party.

Here are a few tutorials on making them to get you started!

This rainbow tutu will be given to a turning 6 year old girl by the name of Grace on Wednesday. Her mom is friends with my mom, and she asked me to make one for her. I hope she loves it and is able to live out all her dreams in it!

DSC_3922 copy


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