She’s a Charmer

This little cutie is my boyfriend’s niece. I consider her my niece too. She does call me Aunt Morgy after all. And I was present at her birth.

DSC_4185 copy

She turned two at the end of July, but we didn’t celebrate until this past Sunday. Before the party got going, I bribed her with some potato chips to get a few pictures. She was more than happy to oblige.

DSC_4194 copy

She is quite the charmer. She is also feisty and completely rules over her big brother. She’s so girly and sweet at the same time though. And she has the funniest little voice. It sounds like something out of a cartoon.

DSC_4202 copy

It’s been so fun watching her grow up. And hopefully I’ll get to continue to watch her grow for many years to come. Tommy’s mom did say on the video of us in the lobby, while waiting for her to arrive, “And this is Aunt Morgan. Soon. We hope.”

Yeah… we’re still working on the “official-ness” of that one… I don’t know, talk to Tommy.


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