Quick School Supply Makeovers

Well, tomorrow, I head back to school. Other than writing this, I’m in denial about it. I’ll probably shed a tear or two as I make my way onto campus tomorrow. I love summer, and always hate that school has to come back and ruin it. It flys by way too fast.

But let’s forget that for now and focus on something a little more, fun. It does involve school supplies, yes, but they are cute. Cause I made them that way.


It so easy to give you binder and pens a quick, cute, and cheap makeover. Personalize them and make them stand out from the rest. Best part is, even the most un-crafty person can do this. If you have a ruler and scissors, and you know how to use them, you can do this.


For the binder, your going to need to grab a binder with the clear cover on it and some 12″ x 12″ scrapbook paper. The weight of the paper doesn’t really matter, but I like to use the heavy weight/cardstock paper  for this. If you want to cover the spine and back, make sure you have two sheets. Then measure and cut your paper, and slide it in. I think most binders are fairly standard in size, so for my 1″ binder, I cut a sheet 9.75″ by 11″. Be sure to double check your measurements though. Get bored of that print/pattern/color? Grab something else and switch it out. Fast, easy, and cheap!


For the pens, the only requirment is that you can take it apart. (These are my favorite.) Then grab some scrapbook paper, but make sure it is paper weight, NOT heavy weight/cardstock. Don’t have scapbook paper on hand, you could stamp or color a pattern onto some computer paper if you wish. Measure the length of the barrel on the pen, then cut that length by about 3/4″. Roll it up, and shove it into that pen. And tada! You now have a way cute pen!

And 10 points to anyone who can guess my favorite colors!


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