The 5 Minute Cinch Bag

My little sister arrived in Lisbone, Portugal today. Sometime today, not really sure when, I’m still trying to figure out this time stuff.

Packing her up was quite interesting. She is there for 3 months. And by there, I mean the continent of Europe. She plans of traveling all over.

She was wanting to keep all her undergarments grouped together, and a bag that was previously going to hold them, needed to be used for something else. So of course, amazing seamstress me, came to the rescue with a quick little cinch bag complete with her name embroidered on it.



I also made her a couple of these cute little Post-It notebooks (sorry forgot to take pictures). Great for sticking in your purse to have handy when you need to jot down directions or what-not. Quick and easy to make too! These are going to be a staple come Christmas gift giving time!


3 thoughts on “The 5 Minute Cinch Bag

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  2. Thanks again for the bag, it’s been handy, and I’ve used to post it note thingys a lot too, cause I’m always having to right down directions, flight numbers, hostel addresses, numbers, etc…

    Your Sister,

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