WFMW: Organizational Tips


I actually went to post this tip last week, but then when I saw this week’s theme was organizational tips, I thought I would wait a week.

One day, like the straw that broke the camel’s back, I had had the last straw with trying to organize all the little do-dads and what-nots in my dresser/vanity area. All those bobby pins, razor refills, hair ties, and all their little friends had ban together to become a big problem, and eventually pushed me over the edge.

The solution?


Separate them of course! I mean when they are in their own little individual groupings, all self contained and all, it keeps them from banning together and becoming some ginormous, little (please excuse the oxymoron) army out to get me.

Suddenly I realized that those inexpensive little plastic containers were a great solution. I wouldn’t dare put food into them, but I’m not worried about my hair ties or razor blade refills being contaminated with BPA. Thankfully I don’t microwave them, and I’ve can usually contain myself enough to keep from eating them.

DSC_5197 copy

They are all stacked up in a dresser drawer, and although stacked, being clear, and with my general knowledge of what is in what type of container, it’s so easy to find stuff. I’m horrible at keeping things organized, but this is one “system” that I’ve been able to keep in place for a couple of years now. If I can make some sort of organizational technique work… anyone can!

Be sure to head on over to We Are THAT Family to check out more Works For Me Wednesday organizational ideas, and maybe even join in yourself!


7 thoughts on “WFMW: Organizational Tips

  1. I should try this ~ I have long hair and am constantly running around the house in search of elastics, scrunchies, bobby pins, and other bits because the cats tend to run off with them from wherever it was I last dropped ’em. đŸ˜›

    • My cat is a hair accessory thief too! I leave a lot of stuff on my bedside table, and she waits at night until I turn over and face the other way, and then I can hear her pushing stuff around till she finds what she wants and then runs off with it. I love rolling back over quickly and catching her. She tries to make herself look so darn innocent.

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