5 Minute Cinch Bag Tutorial

I showed you the cinch bag I whipped up for my sister earlier this week, so now I’m going to show you how to make it.

First you need to determine how large you want to make you bag. You don’t need to get all technical and make measurements and stuff, just visualize it. This is suppose to take 5 minutes, remember? I ended up cutting my piece to be the size of my small cutting board, which is 12″x18″. Keep in mind that about 2-3 inches will be eaten up in hemming at the top, so add that to the height you want it to be. So my finished bag will be about 10″x8″.


Confused yet? Good. Okay, moving on. Now square up your raw edges and your ready to go sew!


Alrighty, first thing you need to do is choose which long side you want to be the top. Then, fold over twice on both the short ends to create a hem and sew. You only need to sew a few inches down. You want the hem to go about an inch or so longer than what you have designated at the top for the ribbon to run through.


Sides rolled, top pointing up.

Sew those ends. Then fold once and sew along you top end. Should look like this when done.

Two hemmed edges, folded and sewed at top.

Two hemmed edges, folded and sewed at top.

Now you need to fold the top, one more time, to make a place to run your ribbon through. Determine the width of your ribbon, and then fold over that amount, plus about 1/4″. So my ribbon was 3/4″ wide, so I folded over 1″. Sew.



Now fold your fabric in half, right sides together. Your going to sew, starting at the top where you made your two hems, down the side and to the bottom. You want to start about half an inch down from the little “tube” you made for your ribbon.

Right sides together

Right sides together

Space left at top

Space left at top

Turn right side out and your almost done. Now you need to cut your ribbon. Measure the width of your bag and cut a piece three times that length. So my bag length was about 8″ finished, so I cut my ribbon 24″ long. Pin your ribbon to a safety pin and use this to help you thread it through your bag.


Tie of the ribbon when your done, trim the ends and seal with something like clear nail polish or Fray Check. And tada! Your finished!


Once you get the hang of it, this “pattern” will go together super quick. The best thing about it is that it is extremely versatile, you can make it whatever size you need. It makes a great alternative to gift wrap because it becomes functional after the gift is opened.

If you need any clarification on something, just let me know by leaving a comment and I’ll get back to you!


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