Friend Makin’ Monday: TV Shows

friend makin monday for post

So this week’s question is “what are some of your favorite fall shows?” Normally I wouldn’t really be able to give much of an answer, but my favorite show is on this fall. I don’t watch much TV, don’t have a ton of time for it and would really rather be doing other things. So after 13 years of ballet, I have my priorities straight and will be watching So You Think You Can Dance and that’s about it. I’m pretty excited it came back this fall, instead of only being on in the summer. I’ll probably be keeping up a bit with Project Runway, as my mom likes that show and usually turns it on. I keep up with some other shows like The Office, House, and Private Practice via the ever wonderful Hulu, but I’m not a die hard fan and don’t actually watch all the episodes.  It’s also a bit tricky to watch TV in our house now as our main TV is on the blitz, and we want to wait till our kitchen/family room remodel is over before we replace it. So I might really be relying on Hulu and other sources this fall!

Be sure to head over to Amber’s blog to check out others answers and add your own! Happy Friend Makin!


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