Why read my blog

Why read my blog? Here’s why:

If your away for two weeks, it will not take you a whole day to catch up on all the things I posted while you were gone. That’s right folks, I don’t post 3 times a day, so you won’t have a ton of reading to catch up on. That’s a good thing. Right?

If you like crafty things, especially sewing, I would stick around. I’m still trying to get back into the school year rhythm, and I have lots of sewing projects to complete (and then share) when I do. I also have a great list of sewing tutorial (tab at top) and I’m hoping to expand that more when I get a chance to include craft ideas and photography tutorials.

You’ll never find me writing about topics that make you squirm or using language that would make you blush. I keep it clean folks.

I apparently like using the word “folks,” a lot. So if you like that word, stick around!

You might hear me say read the word “y’all” occasionally too.

I’m not a mommy blogger. Yup, no kiddos here folks.

There it is again…

So if your looking for something different, look no further! (btw, I’m always looking for non-mommy blogs to follow, so leave a comment if ya got one!)

If you like looking a pretty pictures, I post some every now and then, like here and here. I’d really like to start a basic photo editing series soon too, so stalk me for that and let me know your doing so, in order to force me to do it.

I like to procrastinate.

Okay fine, that’s about me, not my blog. But just putting that out there.

That’s about it, I think. Not very convincing am I? I’m not really good at debating.

My boyfriend will happily share that with you.

But this isn’t about me. It’s about my blog. And I need to stop stealing my blog’s lime light.

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5 thoughts on “Why read my blog

  1. Hi Morgan,
    I just got through starting a blog for practice and it has the template as this one. I was a little surprised when I clicked on the Mr. Linky link and saw your blog. I have a word press blog and three blogger blogs. Obviously I’m into blogging. LOL
    I hope you will drop in for a visit some time.

  2. Your line about sewing caught my eye! I do NOT sew, but really want to learn. I am hoping to have a friend teach me to make a quilt while my husband and I are living in Germany so I have a little token to take back with me. I am not a mommy and my blog is mostly about my experiences as a teacher with a little fitness and craftiness thrown in.



  3. Anybody who uses the word “y’all” with any kind of frequency has got to be down-to-earth and my kinda person. You are your blog’s limelight….shine on!


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