High Tech Camping

When my boyfriend’s family and family friends go camping, they always rough it. You know, no electricity, leaving behind modern day convinces, like toilets and hot showers, hunting for their own food.

Okay, maybe not that.

Or any of the other things I said.

Okay, they don’t rough it at all.

They like to do what I call, high tech camping.

Exhibit A – Coffee maker atop power box

DSC_5412 copy

Because it just takes way to long to brew campfire coffee, and heck, you already got the power supply for it, so why not use it, right?

Exhibit B – Toaster Oven

DSC_5414 copy

Again people, campfires just take to long too heat things up, so if you got the power supply, you must use it!

Exhibit C – Laptop and Printer

DSC_5416 copy

Okay, there is a bit of an excuse for this one, mostly that Mr. Ted (family friend, with trusty son-in-law) did not have time to prepare his devotional and print the music for our worship time Sunday morning, so he brought the necessary supplies with him. Even still, the sight of a laptop and printer in the middle of the woods, next to a tent, makes me giggle.

I do have to give them one thing though, they did tent camp instead of bringing the camper.

But it was on air mattresses.

With a space heater.

Sigh… yes, a space heater.

Again, were rolling with the whole, got power, will use thing.

I’m beginning to think that maybe the reason I was so warm and cozy wasn’t because of my zero degree sleeping bag after all.

(If your looking of a picture, I forgot to take one. It’s okay, I’m mad at myself too for forgetting.)


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