My unhealthy relationship with bias tape

I have a love-hate relationship with bias tape. It’s not healthy I’m sure. Seriously folks, it’s disturbing.

We get along well in the beginning, while we develop our relationship with each other.


I’m get all excited about how well things are going.


And when I look at it sitting so pretty, I’m positive we can make it work this time.


Then things usually get a little rough, and someone always gets stabbed.


In the thumb.

It tends to be me.


Then our relationship starts to crumble, right at critical points.

And then bias tape let’s me down.

It doesn’t do what it’s suppose to.


I get mad, and whine, groan, and complain about it.

I learn, once again, how unreliable it is, and wonder how in the world I fell for it’s charming, decorative, ways.


Then I find my seam ripper and start picking.

I hate doing that.

A few months later, when the horrors of our last time together isn’t fresh in my memory, I fall for it.


When will I ever learn?


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