Finish what you start, people!

Dear People who used to own our home,

We are writing you today to remind you of something. It’s this little “rule” called finish what you start. We would also like to remind you that you should clean up the messes that you make.

We know y’all are the ones who put up all this ugly wallpaper. And we hate to say it, but not only did you have the audacity to put it up, but you did a terrible job at it too.

DSC_5594 copy

A few things we would like to point out to you are that rubber cement is not for the repairing of peeling seams. And you do not put wallpaper straight onto dry wall, without priming it first. BIG no-no!

DSC_5602 copy

We are also wondering if you let the paint dry before you put wallpaper over top of it? We seem to have a rather large amount of paint peeling off with the wallpaper.

DSC_5588 copy

The real reason we are writing this letter to you though, is to invite you to come finish what you started, and to clean up the huge mess you made. We believe that since you put up the wallpaper, you should experience the pain of having to take it down. It’s only right.

DSC_5587 copy

We will be looking forward to hearing from you soon! We have a sponge and scraper waiting just for you!


The G Family

P.S. We know you are the ones who drove by this summer, told us you used to live here, and then speed off. You didn’t want to risk coming inside and us finding out you were the ones who put the wallpaper up. Well it’s time to man up, people and face the truth! Please and thank you kindly!


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