It’s the end of the kitchen as we know it…

We are kissing our kitchen good-bye today. Tomorrow isn’t offically demo day, but some stuff with start coming down, and the changes will start to happen. Thursday will be the big day, the offical demo day.

Standing by the fridge. Yes, we have 2 microwaves. Don't ask.

Standing by the fridge. Yes, we have 2 microwaves. Don't ask.

We actually just finished a much needed basement renovation/fix from a burst pipe back in February. So everything that displaced from that finally went home last week, and then we started tearing apart the main level of the house in order to make room for all the things that had to leave the kitchen and family room. By the end of this  adventure, the whole main floor of our house will look different.

Standing in kitchen/family room doorway

Standing in kitchen/family room doorway

This really will be an adventure. We will be at times living without any functioning kitchen parts, which should be really interesting. My mom is currently trying to move all necessities into the dining room and pack the rest. Talk about a much needed clean out! We have prepped ourselves with loads of meals from Let’s Dish that we can use when we have a stove that works, and we will be doing lots of eating out, which will be weird since we only eat out maybe twice a year.

We are totally excited though, especially my mom, as she has been wanting to redo the kitchen as long as we have lived here. So finally, 9 years later, we are taking the plunge. She and I have been doing most all of the design work as my Dad is very busy with school, and agreed that we were probably better at choosing things anyways. We think the same almost 100% of the time, both choosing the same flooring and counter tops without even talking to each other.

I won’t be detailing much more, if any more, of the renovation on my blog per my sister’s request. She lallygaging about Europe currently and wants to be surprised when she comes home at the end of November. I will however have a gallery on my SmugMug site devoted to this. My grandparents and others want to be able to keep up, so I’ll be taking and posting lots of pictures for them. My grandparents are actually so excited they called today and asked if they could come up on Wednesday so they would be here for demo on Thursday. Got to love them!

Family room/kitchen doorway

Family room/kitchen doorway

So dear kitchen… it’s been nice knowing you!

(Please excuse the bad picture quality, I have more important photos to edit these days.)


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