Not Me Monday

I don’t usually participate in Not Me Monday, but I thought of a few things that I most certainly have not done recently, so I thought I probably should not join in.

I most certainly did not abandon all the homework I needed to get done a few Friday’s ago to stop and play with all the things I got from Educators Outlet. There was really no need to open every, single game, read the rules, and play it with myself, so I of course, didn’t do it. That would have just been silly.

(I know it doesn't look purple, but it really is!)

(I know it doesn't look purple, but it really is!)

I most certainly, at 21, do not, have chipped purple nail polish on my nails. For real people, I’m too old for that look. I also do not use it as my “Purple Friday*” purple because I forgot it was a Purple Friday. I, of course, always remember that it’s a Purple Friday, and do not act like I wear purple, chipped nail polish for that very reason.

*When Baltimore wears purple on Fridays to show support for our Ravens!

My boyfriend and I did not argue with each other, out in the cold, for over an hour last night, over something I cannot remember a mere 12 hours later. After four years together, we of course have it all together, and never argue with each other. Espcially about things that we cannot remember the next day. Never us!

I am not going through withdrawal because my cell phone won’t charge and now has died while I wait for my replacement to come. I of course am not that attached to it, and can fuction normally without it.

I am not writing this post, even though I really should be doing homework. Nope! Not me!


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