Some of you may recall that I sponsor a little girl through Compassion International. One of my favorite things about being a sponsor is receiving letters from my sponsored child. She is only 5, so she does not write them herself, but she always include a drawing. They are actually quite good, I think, especially given her age.

DSC_5885 copy

Her letters often contain the usual. How are you? I’m good and so is my family. Sometimes someone has been sick, and she’ll let me know. Or it’s been raining a lot. Maybe they had a party at school. She likes to ask me a lot about how many animals I own. You know, stuff like that.

DSC_5881 copy

Her letters always contain one line though. It always comes at the end, in various forms, but always the same meaning. She always tells me that she and her family are thankful for me, and that they like to pray for me every night. They pray. For me.

DSC_5883 copy

It’s hard to believe that this little girl, of only 5, living with her family in complete and utter poverty, takes the time to pray blessings upon me.

DSC_5880 copy

And every time, I am humbled.


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