Fix-It Friday #35

This is my first time participating in a Fix-It Friday on I Heart Faces. I often look, but I decided to join in this week. Who could resist this gorgeous little girl? All edits were done in Photoshop Elements 7.

Fix-It 35 color

First thing I did was rotate this photo 90 degrees. The other angle seemed a bit awckward to me, and I felt this suited it much better.

Next I used the spot healing tool to touch up a little place on her check and to even the tone in her lip.

The photo needed to be brightened a bit, so I bumped the brightness up 35 and the contrast up 10.

I then zoomed in on her eyes and used to lasso tool to select them and apply upsharpe mask at 125% three times. I decided later that it was a little sharper than I would have liked, so I think I would go with only two times next time.

While I was zoomed in on her eyes, I ran the Eye Bright action from Coffee Shop. The opacity for eye define and whiten whites was 100%, and bright eyes was set at 20% once applied.

Then I ran the Vivid 2 action, also from Coffee Shop. The vignette was set at 100%, I also turned on the sharpen layer. I then turned on the soft and vivid layers and set them both at 50%.

Finally, I flattened the image and tada!


Head on over to I Heart Faces to join in the editing party yourself!


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