For the little people

Let’s start off this homemade, all natural, Christmas bash with some of the littlest people on your list. That is, two and under crowd. There always seems to be plenty of these little fellows in my life each Christmas, thank to my boyfriend’s procreating sisters and their husbands, and my nannying jobs.

For the teeny tinies, and those who will be Christmas arrivals, here are some ideas. Baby quilts are always a hit, I used this pattern (start at bottom and go up) to make my first quilt, and it was really, really, easy and quick. These baby shoes are to-die-for. Try dressing up some little onsies with some custom stencil work. Re-purpose some funky tee shirts into some newborn gowns. If you have ever had a newborn, or been around one a lot (that would be me), you know you can never have enough burp cloths. These knotted Waldorf dolls are the perfect doll to be baby’s first. And tag blankets are always a hit.

Moving on, these clutch balls are perfect for those are learning to grab. Bean bags are perfect for little grabbers and are easy to stack. I’ve heard little guys dig playing with a small collection of spool birds. Play silks are tons of fun to play with at any age!

Want to buy, not make? These blocks are perfect for a little one learning to stack! Who could resist this adorable little rattle? This rocking horse has a funky modern flair! This game is perfect for a little boy or girl who is starting to learn colors, shapes, and numbers. I love this shapes sorter, and these rainbow colored blocks are so pretty!

Looking for books? Here are some classics that anyone would want in their child’s library. Good Night Moon (Brown), Guess How Much I Love You (McBratney), Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See (Martin), Rainbow Fish (Thuok), Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom (Martin) are all some of my personal favorite. Anything by Eric Carle, Sandra Boynton, and Dr. Seuss (or in his series) is always guarenteed to be a hit!

Got ideas yet? I know what I’m getting the little ones in my life, and I wish I could tell you, but their mommies read my blog, and we all know, the gift is really for them! 😉



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