3 weeks later…

And I’m still celebrating Halloween!

Actually I’m not. I’m just super slow with photos. So let’s get started.

For actual Halloween night we were 80’s ski bums. Inspired by the hot pink ladies jumpsuit my dear (sigh) boyfriend is wearing and the latest board in his collection, a 1987 Burton snowboard. The jumpsuit came from a thrift store in Salt Lake City, Utah when he was out there snowboarding last January. And yes, he actually wears it down the slopes. He would like to add that it’s quite warn.

(How in the world did I end up with such a goof ball?)

Moving on…

A friend of ours always does a weekend after Halloween party that’s tons of fun, and this is when the serious costume contest begins. This year we went with a vampire theme, with an old world twist. He was the vampire and I was the victim. Except for we couldn’t find vampire teeth anywhere.  And forgot fake blood.

Regardless, I think it turned out pretty well and he ended up winning, as he does with most costume contests. Mostly because he missed his calling as an actor and does very well not only getting into costume but acting like who ever he is dressed up as. Slightly scary sometimes.


Like I said. He gets into character quite well. And it can be a bit scary sometimes. Literally.

For more Halloween photos, click here.


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