It’s November What?!

It’s November 30th.

The last day of November.


This is a slightly scary reality.

Mostly because I’ve done vertually nothing to get ready for Christmas.

Now that’s something to be terrified of!

Seems like just yesterday I wrote “55 days till Christmas” on the white board in my boyfriend’s kitchen on November 1st.

Now 30 of those days are gone in the blink of an eye.

That’s always how it happens, isn’t it.


Even when we don’t host Thanksgiving at our house, my Mom usually takes advantage of the good deals on turkeys and buys one to eat either before or after Thanksgiving.

Now we are at the point of eating the leftovers. But today I wasn’t in the mood for dry turkey leftovers, so I decided to make turkey salad for lunch. Yum!

All I did was shred some turkey, add some mayo and pepper to taste, and mix in some chopped spring onion. Then plopped that on some toasted wheat bread that I had coated with more mayo and pepper, and then added a slice of cheese!

A very delicious way to enjoy those post-Thanksgiving leftovers!



Have a wonderful last day of November!


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