I’m losing the battle…

Can you tell?

I’m losing the battle over trying to keep up with everything.

Right now about the only thing I’m winning at is the battle with homework. I have a 21 page paper sitting hot off the press right next to me. It’s actually a little shorter than it would be because I single spaced some areas just to save paper.

I’m also losing the battle at being a tree saver.

The laundry is piled insainly high. The cat won’t actually sleep in it anymore it so out of control. I think she’s scared it will swallow her up or something.

I have about a million things to do in order to get ready for Christmas. I haven’t even really started to get stuff ready. Why do I do this to myself every year? Can anyone please tell me?

I plan on locking myself in my room tonight and putting all my online orders in so hopefully everything will arrive on time.

Speaking of arrivals, I’m also waiting on a new little niece. Or really an honorary niece. It’s my boyfriend’s niece, but they all call me aunt. Thank heavens I pushed myself to get her main gift done in October!

And speaking on nieces and nephews, it was a year ago today that I got the call that Tom’s sister was headed to the hospital and little Isaac was on the way. (His actual birthday is tomorrow, but was born on a Thursday). He arrived a lot quicker than I think we all expected, I actually was on the phone with Tom’s mom, who was in the delivery room, 10 minutes before he arrived. (Isaac is the adorable baby in the picture at the end of this post.)

And now, if I don’t leave soon for class, I’ll lose the battle over parking spots at school.

So I’ll leave you with this picture of our house on Saturday.

Here’s to winning battles!


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