Free Blogging Calender Download

So um, guess what everyone.

Christmas is a week away.

Which means a new year is only two weeks away.

Can I just say I’m silently crying/screaming/panicking inside.

Mostly because I’m still far from ready for Christmas.

But enough about that.

So 2010 is just around the corner. The first half of the year is going to be pretty darn crazy for me, due to school. I’ll be teaching two full days a week while taking four classes and prepping my portfolio.

I haven’t even started classes yet and I’m already in panic-mode.

That also means that in order to keep content popping up on my blogs, even when I might be very absent, I need to write a bunch of posts this January and schedule them.

Enter Blogging Calender.

(Sing Hallejuah Chorus.)

Not only does that calender make it easy for my to plan my posts, way before they even get posted, but it also gives me tons of really random things to blog about, making it easy to produce lots of content ahead of time.

Phew, my job of writing over 40 blog posts (one a week for this blog, one a week for my other blog, plus a guest series on someone else’s blog), all in the month of January, just got a lot easier.

So if your like me and could use a little help planning and coming up with content, just click on the link above and download your own copy of the calender.

Don’t forget to sing while you do it!

P.S. You may also enjoy this blogging planner.


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