Christmas Ketchup

So now it’s time to “ketchup” on some pictures I have delayed posting.

Like ones from the blizzard.

That’s me shoveling the driveway by the way.

I shoveled another 6 inches off of it about 3 hours later.

The rest of the blizzard pictures actually still remain unedited. So you’ll get to wait. Forever probably.

Because of nasty winter weather, my relatives were delayed coming in. So instead of doing Christmas with the boyfriend’s family over the weekend, we did it on Christmas day, since my relatives were coming in over the weekend.

This is our 5th Christmas together and the first time we’ve actually seen each other on Christmas Day.

It was snow gear all around with new snow pants and jackets for Tommy, Kristen and I, while Justin got new snowboard boots (not pictured).

And here we have, sisters, cousins, nieces, an aunt, and unofficial sister-in-laws, an aunt and nieces. Brooke as you can see was the life of the party.
The poor child was actually so tired that I couldn’t even get the pouch on all the way before she was out. Within five minutes I could steal her binkie, which is the true test of how asleep she is. Although she might be a light-weight for her age, she is far too heavy for a one shouldered carrier anymore, and after about 15 minutes, my back was dying for a wrap.

I did actually take some pictures of my family on Christmas morning, but I’m not sure how they all feel about me posting them. Especially with some of the awesome faces everyone is making.

Okay well that actually wasn’t that many pictures. If you want more, visit my site, and the rest of the blizzard pictures, as well as Christmas pictures will hopefully make their way there shortly.


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