Looking Forward

It’s that time of year again.

The time of year when it’s, well, a new year.

It’s also the time of year when people make all those resolutions.

I can’t say I’ve ever officially made resolutions.

I usually just make goals for myself in some sense.

Things I want to improve on.

This year, to start the new year with a bang, I’ve decided to take the Bible in 90 Days Challenge.

(Download Schedule Here)

I actually heard about the challenge last year when our local Christian radio station challenge their listeners to participate. I can’t recall why I didn’t participate though.

So this year I’ve decided to do it. I’ve always wanted to read the entire Bible, cover to cover, but I’m not sure why I haven’t. My Bible even has various reading plans in it, so that you can do it in a year/6 months/3 months.

I’m excited, yet nervous. I’m never very good with these challenges. Or keeping up with anything on a daily basis, really.

I was happy that they give you a two day grace period. Although for me, a two month grace period would be more appropriate.

Hopefully this will help me to get the year off on the right foot, as well as accomplish something I have always wanted to do.

Really, even if all my other goals have to fall to the way side, this is the one I want to keep. It’s also, personally I believe, the most important goal anyone could make.

Even though exercise is important, it’s hard to top spending time in God’s Word.

There are lots of bloggers who will be blogging about the challenge and you can find a list here.

I’m not officially participating as one of the bloggers, I think mostly for my lack of fear I won’t complete it, but I will try to update once in a while on how it’s going.

Along with those updates, I have other things you can look forward to on this blog.

I’m lining up some interviews with some of my favorite crafting bloggers. If things go as planned, these will also include giveaways from these crafters. (If you don’t already suscribe, you might want to).

(If your a crafter who blogs and/or owns a online shop, and are interested in being interviewed, click on the “contact me” tab above to get in contact with me.)

I plan on having some new tutorials, written by yours truely, for national craft month in March.

Photography tutorials and articles are also on the drawing board, including a series I’m writing as a guest for another blogger.

And of course there will be lots of other random stuff thrown in there.

I’ve been working on my schedule the past couple of days, and it’s getting pretty jam packed. Now just to write it all up!

So as I’ve said before, you might want to suscribe, if you already don’t.

And if you do, please leave one and let me know who you are!

Have a wonderful New Year everyone!


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