Fab Euro Notecards

My sister went to Europe this fall.

She brought me back these amazing, made in Portugal, notecards for Christmas.

They are by an awesome designer called Serrote.

They are so fabulous and funky.

There are 12 in all. Four blue, four tan, and four pink.

I’m thinking we should go right.

Don’t be late!

The penguin wins, with the squirrel and quail coming in 2nd and 3rd.

Who SIM is, I don’t know.

Do you see the king of diamonds?

A lot of stories could be made up with the “items through door” card.

I couldn’t figure out what this was. Until I realized I was looking at it upside down.

If you want to purchase some Serrote products, head on over to their website. All of their items are limited print however, so no guarantees. You can see the list of retailers around the world here.

I have plans to frame these as art. So don’t be thinking you might receive one of these beauties in the mail or anything.

They make me want to get stampin’!


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