B90 Update – Installment 2

This post should be title, “I was just kidding when I said this was going so well in my last post.”

No seriously.

I wrote that on the Friday before my boyfriend’s graduation. That day we were out until after midnight in single digit temperatures, testing out a friend’s homemade toboggan run, and driving a gator around the frozen ground with a kayak attached to the back (think wakeboarding without the water). Needless to say, when we arrived back at his parent’s house, I crashed.

Next day was obviously long, with graduation in the morning, and then party in the afternoon/evening. After the exhausting day, I once again took over his bed and crashed with a horrible headache.

Yup, two days behind. And somewhere I lost a third day. Probably last weekend.

I’ve managed to catch up a bit this week, so now I’m not quite a whole day behind.

I’m just really worried about how I’m going to keep up when school starts. I can’t seem to located a copy of the Bible that I can load onto my iPod, so I’ve kinda nixed that once genus idea.

I hope I also wasn’t the only one who found the end of Exodus and Numbers almost painfully boring.

I know, I know, it’s the Bible we’re talking about, but I’m being honest here. It really was. All those crazy rules and regulations, that got quite repetative after a while.

All I can say is that I am more thankful than ever for Jesus Christ after reading that. How in the world does one remember all that? I can hardly remember what was said 10 minutes ago, much less all those detailed instructions.

I know my family has read through Joshua, Judges, etc. but for some reason I never remember it being so violent. Goodness! And I find it so interesting how the Isrealites kept ignoring God’s commands, and to this day, they are still fighting for their land.

I’m still really enjoying reading at this pace however. I have gained so much insight into how the history actually flows and gotten a better idea of how all the stories that everyone knows fit together with everything else.

How is everyone else doing?

*Photo by Skeggzatori


2 thoughts on “B90 Update – Installment 2

  1. Hey! I’m new to this blogging thing, but found the 90 day challenge and thought I’d jump in! And yes… I am towards the end of Exodus and there are SO MANY rules! Just taking it little by little and learning what I can along the way! But I have to admit I skip over the verses after verse of crazy hard names….

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