Note to self

Can someone please email the following to me every Monday?

“Dear ridiculously forgetful person (a.k.a. Morgan),

This is a friendly reminder to do your laundry today, as you do, attempt to do, never remember to do every Monday.

It is hard to understand why you can’t seem to remember to do your laundry every Monday until about 10:18 p.m. when your getting ready for bed and realize your out of pajama bottoms.

Especially considering the fact that it’s been 3 weeks since your last load.

And that remember this morning, you had to search for matching socks without holes in them for so long that you were late for class. The socks you put on didn’t have holes in them, but they also didn’t match.

Last night, did you notice that you only had two pairs of underwear left, and you have a unusually large collection to begin with?

The sweatshirt and shirt your wearing currently don’t match. It’s a good thing no one can really see the shirt underneath, cause you were out of matching options this morning.

On Friday night you almost fell as you tripped over the clothes on the floor next to your hamper. Those clothes were on the floor not because you missed when you threw them in that direction, but because there was no room left in your hamper.

And take a look at your closet why don’t you. When laundry is properly done, it is brimming with clothes, but it’s currently on the empty side, and none of the clothes in it match each other. Good luck finding something to wear tomorrow.

By the way, how many times have you worn the pants your currently wearing?


The Laundry Police”

*No pictures will accompany this post to spare the innocent.


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