Here we go again

I feel like I wrote a post less than two months ago about record breaking snowfall.

Oh wait, I did.

It was Dec. 19th when we got about 18″-20″ and made the top 5 for a December snowfall.

The average yearly snowfall for the Baltimore area is 18″.

We meet that before Christmas.

Here we go again.

This time we expect to break our local record of 28.5″ set President’s Day weekend on 2003.

Oh by the way, Al Gore, what’s this you say about global warming? I’m confused.

I took this photo about an hour ago and it’s already outdated. The yard-plus-a-foot stick reads 30 inches now. The 3 foot mark is between the N and the G if you can see it. Considering we have about 12 hours to go, and it’s really picked up here recently, we might reach it.

It took us about a week to recover from the ’03 storm, so I’m fairly certain the kids will be enjoying the week off. Especially considering we are suppose to get more snow on Tuesday. Yes, more snow.

Although we are used to snow here in Baltimore, we are not quite use to this high of an amount all at once. They said that our 2,400 pieces of snow removal equipment are struggling to keep one lane open on the major highways, much less a lane on the snow emergency routes.

I don’t think anyone is going to any Super Bowl parties tomorrow…


One thought on “Here we go again

  1. WINTER WONDERLAND!! You are not going ANYWHERE lol. This excites me very much, thanks for posting them. I especially enjoy the last one where you see little light houses of mailboxes pokes their heads up through the vast sea of white goodness. As well as the two gentleman beginning the process of digging out heh. I knew I missed snow, but as excited as that last picture makes me I must miss it more than I realize. And might I say, quite a magical moment for those 1st graders of yours, anytime they will hear about snow they are going to doing your whole ritual 😛
    I told like three people about that btw, thought it was hilarious.


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