Velcro Face Bandana Tutorial

With the pending arrival of blizzard number two in less than five days, I thought I’d share a tutorial.

Yes, I said blizzard number two. We already have about 3 feet of snow on the ground.

Anyways, when your trying to shovel snow in 40 mph winds when the tempature is about 10 degrees, you need something to cover your face to keep your skin from freezing.

I like bandanas, but they tend to come untied on me, which is okay sometimes, but not when you really need the protection and don’t want to be re-tying every 10 minutes.

So here’s my solution.

First thing your going to need to do is draft the pattern. I have no clue how to make a fancy PDF pattern for you and am lacking a scanner, so you’ll just have to draw it out on your own. I promise it’s easy.

Note: This fits the average adult. Since I don’t have a child to test out a child sized version on, please share the measurements if you do make a scaled down version.

Tape two pieces of paper together because it won’t fit on one. Starting at the far left,  go 8.5″ and mark it “fold.” This edge will go on the fold of your fabric. Moving clockwise, the top length is 12.5″. The right end is 3.5″, then go in 4.5 inches. Now connect your 8.5″ point with the 4.5″ point with an angle; it should be about 9.5″ long. And your done. Now cut it out.

Now using your pattern, cut out your fabrics. Your going to want to use one cotten fabric and one flannel fabric. This seems to be the best combo. Two flannels is too much and doesn’t breath well. You can use two cottens, but I like the softness of the flannel, and it tends to “stick” better to my hat, which keeps it from sliding down. It might seem like a good idea to use a waterproof fabric, but don’t! It won’t breath and you’ll end up with a wet, frozen face. You need the moisture from your breathe to be able to evaporate to keep your face at least semi-dry.

Open up your fabric and iron them and flip them over so the right sides are showing.

Cut at least a 7″ piece of Velcro. Take the soft side and cut it in half. Place it vertically on the right side of the flannel fabric on the right side. It should be next to each other so when sewn down it looks like one piece. Place it about 1.5″ in from the end and leave about 0.5″ of room at the top and bottom. You might need to trim the Velcro to give enough room. Pin down if you would like and sew.

Take the other half of your Velcro and cut in half and place horizontally on the right side of the cotton fabric on the right side. Again leave about 1.5″ of room from the end and 0.5″ on the top and bottom. This time also leave room between the two pieces of Velcro. Pin if you would like and sew.

So with both of your fabrics right side up, you should have the Velcro on the right side of each. Iron again if needed then put the right sides together and pin if you would like to.

Start sewing in the middle the top end. I built in a .25″ seam allowance into the pattern. Sew all the way around, remembering to leave 3″-4″ inches open for flipping.

Clip the corners, flip right sides out and iron.

Then top stitch along the edge and your done!

Throw on a pair of ridiculous looking sunglasses and you’re ready to go!

Few notes for wear: the bandana seems to stay on best if you put your hat on first and then the bandanna over that. The flannel will stick to the hat and keep it from sliding down. If you can, pulling your hair into a ponytail and attaching the bandanna on top of that will also help keep it from sliding down.


2 thoughts on “Velcro Face Bandana Tutorial

  1. Thank you so much for this. The ones in the store and even online are incredibly overpriced and all look the same. Now I can customise it and make as many as I want! (:

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