Fix It Friday #43

So normally I would be sitting in class right now, but thanks to 2 blizzards in 5 days, and the 5 feet of snow now on the ground, I’ve been out for a whole week. I might make it back in this Monday, but we have another blizzard coming Tues/Wed, so I’m thinking next week may be a no go also.

Since I have nothing better to do, other than shovel snow, which I’m sick of, I thought I’d have a little Fix It Friday fun. Say that 5 times fast.

This was the original photo given. The picture is adorable, but the lighting proved to be challenging.

Unlike a lot of photos where I know going into it what I want to do as far as adjustments and what actions to run, this photo took a lot of trial and error. Thanks to extreme levels of cabin fever, I can no longer think practically and didn’t write what I did down, so I’ll do my best here. Everything was done in Photoshop Elements 7.

First up was a 4×6 vertical crop. I thought about trying to blur that railing in the background out, but cabin fever seems to induce extreme levels of laziness, so I nixed that idea.

Next up I added a brightness/contrast adjustment layer and upped each by 15. Then I masked out that adjustment on the left side of her face.

Next up I lassoed those baby blues and unsharp masked them twice at 75%. Then I ran Coffeeshop Eye Bright, defining both eyes at 100%, and then whitening the right eye at 100%, and brightening the right eye only at 60%.

Then I ran Coffeeshop Butterscotch Vintage which is a new favorite of mine. I tried to convert to black and white, but the right side of her face was just getting to dark. I didn’t like the plain old grays and whites though, so I thought a little butterscotch would warm it up. I made some minor adjustments to the layers, but I can’t remember the exact numbers, so just play.

The layer did however make her eyes look unnaturally bright and blue, and unnatural looks is a big pet peeve of mine, so I knocked the cyan saturation down by 20 in a saturation adjustment layer.

And viola! All done!

Want a turn? Head on over to I Heart Faces to get the photo and find out how to participate. While your their check out all the other cool stuff they have. It will distract you for hours.

Now back to building igloos, tunneling through neighbors yards, and listening to cars spin their tires on ice. Don’t be jealous now!


3 thoughts on “Fix It Friday #43

  1. I know exactly what you mean about cabin fever! We must live in the same area of the country. We are definitely climbing the walls around here!

    I really like your edit. I’ll have to check out CoffeeShop’s Butterscotch Vintage action. I use others of hers, but I haven’t tried that one yet!

  2. Lovely soft edit – I know what you mean about those baby blues – it didn’t take much of a shift to make them really BLUE! They must be stunningly blue IRL đŸ™‚

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