We’re Melting…

We’ve been getting up into the 40s the past couple days and the sun has been shining, so a lot of snow has been melting away. This is what is allowing us to start function again. In many cases there was no where to put the snow, so it just had to stay. Now with it melting there is more room to clear. Yes, there are still roads that are one lane, and there are virtually no sidewalks anywhere, two weeks after the first blizzard hit.

Here is a little video for you all that will show the igloo that we made, but also just a little walk around my house/court. I tried to embed it here, but it wouldn’t work. I meant to do this earlier when the snow was more impressive, but just never got to it. You’ll hear me describe where the snow was up to, but where I said 5ft, that should be 4ft, we got about 50 in. total in the two blizzards.


Update: I’ve added two more, here, and here.


2 thoughts on “We’re Melting…

  1. Snow lots of snow. When I was younger in NY I made similiar igloo/tunnels, they were so much fun. If we got even a foot of snow I think Birmingham would simply just shut down, lol.
    Though, when we got our snow last week our whole 2 inches, I was very surprised how many people were out driving around. I said to them (from my car) “booo go hide in your homes, leave the road to me” heh.

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