I Heart Faces – Week 8

When I saw this picture on my LCD screen yesterday, I knew it would be perfect for this week’s challenge.

I got a surprising phone call from one of my best friend’s last Sunday. She was engaged!!! We’ve had an ongoing joke that our boyfriends would never propose since we’ve both been with them for over 4 years. Well she won! But I’m so happy for her!!!

Saturday I was driving around and I noticed how scenic everything looked with the snow and bright, blue skies, so I called her up and asked if she and her now finance wanted to do a shoot for me the next day. I needed another good engagement shoot in my portfolio, and one in a season other than summer and fall would be good. Oh course they agreed! I was lying in the road to get this shot. Thankfully the road gets blocked off every weekend for walkers, bikers, etc., but I’ve been known to stand in the middle of traffic to get a shot. We had so much fun and got a ton of great shots which I’ll try to share more of later.

But for now head on over to I Heart Faces to check out some more entries and enter a photo yourself!


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