Of birthdays and other things

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. I’ve been completely swamped with schoolwork and spend most of my waking hours either in class, teaching, lesson planning, or working on projects and papers for my classes.

All the books, binders, folders, and notebooks currently being used.

My social life, both online and in person has become pretty much non-existent. But honestly, unlike last year at this time, I can’t really say I’m overly stressed and I’m really loving this semester, especially the teaching part. I’m currently teaching 1st grade and I’m pretty sure this is the grade for me. We’re almost halfway, which is hard to believe.


Snow update:

We’re still in major melt mode! I can actually see patches of grass in my neighbor’s yard. We’ve had about a half dozen snow “threats” since the second blizzard, but nothing more than a couple inches has come out of them. Friday’s was the worst. We had hurricane force winds combined with snow. Nothing actually made it to the ground really, thanks to the wind, but boy it was miserable being out. We have snow in the forecast twice this week, but honestly we’ve been getting into the 40s almost everyday so I’m not too worried.


Friday was my 22nd birthday! Last year, if you dug in the archives enough, you might recall that I got a Brother sewing machine. Well, poor thing has been neglected a lot lately, which makes me sad, since my sister got me this book for my birthday.

Don’t give her too much credit. It was on my Amazon wish list, and she told me she chose it because she liked some of the stuff in there and wanted me to make it for her.

I seriously can’t wait to dig in! I hope to sneak a little sewing time during my spring break in a couple weeks.

I also got this little puppy from my boyfriend, with a chip in from his sister since he had already gotten me something that hasn’t arrived yet. I’ve been wanting one forever to back up my computer on, especially my thousands of photos.

The big gift from my parents was a Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home. I had well outgrown my old camera bag and have been dying for a new one, so I was pretty excited when my Dad asked if I wanted one for my birthday.

It’s not quite as big as I thought it would be, but I think I just need to figure out how to arrange it better. It’s suppose to fit two pro bodies, some large lenses, and some big flashes, so I think it will serve me well for a while.


Now that the Olympics is over, I have to figure out what to do with myself. I love watching it, so it’s always a huge let down when it’s over. Sigh, maybe I’ll start showing up around here more.


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