Tonight is just going to be random.

I have things to share, sort of, but known of it flows together.

Yes, it is a Friday night. Things are sort of dead in the online world.

I actually don’t have emails popping into my inbox every 5 minutes.

I haven’t decided whether or not I welcome that.

Tommy (that would be the boyfriend) is off to New York to snowboard.


I have a feeling there will be a 4th broken Burton snowboard by the end of the weekend.

But I have other friends to do stuff with, right?

Yes, but I think I’m getting the flu or something.

Or I’m just really tired.

I’m hoping the latter.

So it’s a night in, when I should be doing homework, or a million other things.

But, I’m not feeling up to that.

Nothing like doing un-fun homework when you don’t feel well.

I think I’ll go read a photography magazine.

Although I should really be reading my history text book.

This semester is almost halfway over. Phew.

You would think it would be down hill from here, but it’s actually up hill.

A very, very steep hill.

It’s getting pretty warm. Like 50 degrees.

That makes it so difficult to get stuff done. At least for me.

I love summer. So, so much.

Flip flops are my favorite.

Second are my Ugg boots.

I want a dozen of those.

And Rainbow flip flops.

I’ll take a dozen of those too.

I’ve been over run with papers.

So is the life of a teacher.

I should probably organize those before I go to bed.

Or put away laundry. One or the other.

Or both actually.

But I don’t feel like it.


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