I Heart Faces – Week 11

This week’s theme is bundled up. We sure know that feeling around here. Not only did we get three blizzards this season, but we got a double one, with two blizzards occurring in less than 5 days. We even sat at the top for a few weeks as the snowiest major city in the U.S. Our average snowfall is just 18″. We got 80″+ this season. Trust me, we know bundled up around here.

This is my little neighbor, H. The snow was over her head after just the first blizzard, but that didn’t stop her from having a blast socializing with neighbors and playing in the igloos we built. She’s also had a good outlook when it came to snow and every 10 minutes would put her hands on her face and declare loudly, “OH NO! Wa a mess, wa a mess! Keen up evyone! Keen up, keen up!” She also refused to pick up a shovel.

If you would like to see more bundled up entries, be sure to slip and slid on over to I Heart Faces to check them out!

(And if you want to see more from the Baltimore blizzard, check out this post, or this post if you would like.)


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