My skills ranking

I happened upon this post over at Might Girl and thought maybe I you all would like to know how I’m going on my skills. Be sure to follow the link back to Mighty Girl because she has some extra tidbits that I edited out for reading purposes.

So let’s take a look shall we:

1. Set goals – um, semi-check
2. Keep a plant alive – um, semi-check again
3. Care for a baby – Check! I’m fairly certain I could at least get by.
4. CPR – Possible check. I haven’t really had the opportunity to try it out.
5. Feel confident naked – I’m gonna go with a negative on that one.
6. Interview for a job – Check!
7. Bake a birthday cake – Check a few times!
8. Use a fire extinguisher – Nope, thank heavens!
9. Use a compass – How about a GPS? Anyone?
10. Express condolences – Yuppers
11. Tell a joke – Yeah I guess
12. Remember names – ahahahahaha… semi-check
13. Sharpen a knife – Sharpe knives and I are not friends. I keep my dull. It’s best that way.
14. Dump a poisonous friend – Sort of, I guess.
15. Check your oil and tires – Does alerting my boyfriend when I think they need checking count?
16. Relax/Meditate – Check and check! Thanks yoga class.
17. Apologize – More times than I care to admit
18. Be polite – Yes, ma’am!
19. Get a good night’s sleep – It’s what I do best!
20. Dress appropriately for the situation – Never leaves the house without a hoodie, even in the summer! That’s me!
21. Type – It’s what I’m doing now, isn’t it?
22. Fight fair – I try but beating my boyfriend is impossible, so I have to be unfair. It’s only fair, you know.
23. Read – I can teach it too!
24. Ask for exactly what you want – Not all that good at this one.
25. Trap a rat or mouse – Yuck! No thank you!
26. Basic stretches and/or yoga poses – See # 16
27. Heimlich – Refer to # 4
28. Please a partner sexually – Not being married makes this a nada!
29. Tell your partner what you want in bed – Get back to me on this one.
30. Shine your shoes – I helped my dad when I was little.
31. Make your case in writing – Yup!
32. Tie a scarf or tie (bowtie too) – We’re gonna have to go with a no.
33. Jump a car – Never had to try
34. Mix a signature drink – Nopper
35. Delegate – All the time! I am a teacher you know.
36. Make a simple meal for company – Helped my mom plenty of times, and I certainly could do it myself.
37. Give a neckrub – Yes
38. Drive a stick – Terrified to. Teach your kids to drive a stick first folks.
39. Ride a bike – Did that when I was 6.
40. Swim – I won’t be trying to beat Michael Phellps or anything.
41. Use chopsticks – Ummm….
42. Make a new friend – I like new friends!
43. Build something simple (ie: shelf, desk, treehouse) – Designed and build my built-in closet system all by myself. In a skirt too!
44. Change a tire and put on snow chains – That’s what I keep my boyfriend around for.
45. Give a toast – No opportunity yet.
46. Make a perfect egg – Eggs anyone?
47. Speak in public – Does not phase me what so ever.
48. Improve your mood – Needs work.
49. Simple mending – Repaired someone’s precious blankie not long ago.
50. Travel light – 5 days in Disney, 2 outfits a day, plus two sets of pjs and toiletries, all on a carry-on! Yeah, baby!
51. Steam vegetables – I know my way around a kitchen.
52. Negotiate – Debatable, we’ll go with a semi-check
53. Be a good listener – I try to be
54. Be alone comfortably – Check!
55. Select good produce – Sort of depends on what it is, but for the most part, I can.
56. Maintain your weight – I’ve been doing pretty good lately.
57. Build savings – If only I had money to save…
58. Say no/disappoint someone – Yes
59. Use a drill – Heck yes!
60. Flexibility/equanimity in the face of the unexpected – People have said I’m really good at that, so I guess so.
61. Make small talk – Check!
62. Skip a rock – If it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve seen it done, I’d say it’s impossible.
63. Set personal boundaries – I’m gonna go with a semi-check
64. Organize your home – This question is a joke.
65. Deliver a eulogy – Nope
66. Shuffle a deck of cards – Yes, but I want to learn all the cool, fancy ways.
67. Dance socially – You betcha!
68. Know a second language – This one needs work.
69. Win the affection of a dog or cat – Check and check!
70. Write a quality love letter – At least a dozen
71. Play one card game well – Ummm… I’ve won at hearts many times without knowing what I was doing. Does that count?
72. Eat healthfully – Pretty much the only way I eat
73. Create a budget – Don’t ask!
74. Take a decent photo – I’m a photographer, so I guess I get to go, CHECK!
75. Order the wine – Only been legal a year, so not yet.
76. Know what makes you happy – Yup!
77. Flirt – Ask my boyfriend.
78. Make a good first impression – I at least try to.
79. Write a thank you note – My mom made me.
80. Find a perfect gift – This one is hit and miss.
81. Assertiveness – If it’s 7 year olds, yes, adults, not so much.
82. Arriving on time – As long as my boyfriend isn’t with me.
83. Make a little kid laugh – It could sort of be in my job description.
84. Kiss well – Moving on…
85. Make a good mix tape – Who makes those anymore? I can make a playlist.
86. Tie basic knots – Just hope I never need to save your life with a rope.
87. Dress to flatter your shape – I don’t know, do I?
88. Build a campfire – Fire in the fireplace, check! Outside, my boyfriend never let’s me try.
89. Change the subject – I’m ADD, so what do you think.
90. Acquire or shed a habit – Debatable.
91. Treat a hangover – Not my own.
92. Be a good judge of character – I’d say I’m pretty good at it.
93. Season a cast-iron skillet – People actually do that?
94. Give a compliment – “Have I told you how much I love how you styled your hair today?”
95. Accept a compliment – Probably need to get better at this.
96. Contribute in group situations – If only the sleazy lawyer could have seen me in the jury room. He would have regreated picking me.
97. Judge yourself by your own yardstick – I’ll go with a check. I do the best I can.
98. Calculate the tip – That’s what this ‘tip calculator’ in my phone is for, right?
99. Ask for a raise – No
100. Build a shelter – Does building forts as a kid count? A little at least?

Now that I’ve answered all those, I don’t really feel like going back and calculating that. I’m going to guess and say that it’s less than 50% mastered though and I have work to do.

How do you think you would do against that list?


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