I’m trying to embarrass myself as a motivation technique

I’m curious to find out if it works.

In all seriousness, my room is a mess. No seriously, it’s out of control.

It falls off the deep end every school year when I’m so swamped I literally would fail a class if I took the time to file papers and put away laundry every week. It’s sad really.

But it’s summer and I really have run out of excuses. So I’m hoping by posting pictures of the monster I’ve created, I will embarrass myself enough to actually motivate myself to get my act together.

Let’s review this little disaster shall we.

Okay first off, let’s note that you can actually see the dust in the vent in this picture. Gross. The bulletin board has been updated since 2005. I know that because there is a poster advertising the Rock School’s 2005 Summer Intensive.

The blue board above my bed also needs to be updated, and better yet moved to an actually useful location. My desk sat there, oh about 6 years ago. The photo is from the spring of 9th grade, and there is also an invitation to my friend’s 16th birthday party. This said friend has now been married 3 years. Oh my!

The mirror needs to be moved as well. My dresser formally sat there. My dad had to bolt it to the wall (it’s crazy heavy) and said he’d never move it (that was 10 years ago). I guess I’m old enough to move it myself now.

Bed and bed textiles are all good to go. All but the bed is new and I’m keeping the bed. Forever (it’s an antique, solid mahogany sled bed, you would too). Curtains, got to go. While they technically work with my new bed stuff, they’ve been there 8 years and it’s time for a change. Also, if your wondering about the blanket in my window, it’s to keep the cold out in the winter, and sun out in the summer. But I need to find something better.

Now let’s look at the side of my room that makes me look like I need the people from Clean House or something. Actually, I’d love them to come help me, but I’m on the east coast. Bummer.

Enter complete disaster zone. I redid the closet late last summer (as in a week before school started), but I failed to keep it up over the school year. It needs to be cleaned out and reorganized. As a result of the closet clean out, you can see that they two mismatched bookshelves are a mess, and there is still tons of junk hanging around that needs a new home or to be tossed. As in the CD rack (I haven’t put a CD in a CD player in years) and the Christmas tree (it’s been a permanent fixture for probably 4-5 years).

My plan is to replace the shelves with shelving that matches my desk from IKEA, and also replace the chair with something cuter and that fits in the room better (size wise).

Is anyone feeling better about their house yet? I hope so.

My desk is pretty much the ultimate disaster area. I honestly am unsure how I get anything done. I need to weed out the files and either toss no longer needed stuff, and file away older files. The school books need to either be stored or sold, and in general, it needs a clean up.

This area actually doesn’t need any work other than a quick straighten and dusting. And the junk on the floor needs to be put away.

Here is my to do this that includes all said items about, along with a host of other things. Such as cleaning out my computer. It needs to be reformatted, but I need to get all the important stuff off first. And the thought of having to reinstall everything is scaring me a little too.

I’m hoping for a good ADHD week, meaning a productive one. The boyfriend is surfing in Costa Rica for the next 10 days, so I know I’ll be fairly distraction free. My goal is to accomplish all the items on the list before his return. I better get started. Now.

If you have any organization, cleaning, or motivation techniques, please send them my way. I’d be forever grateful. If you are an organizing pro and would like to come do all this for me, please feel free to contact me. If you are a interior designer and want to try some new ideas out, please come visit me.


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