4th of July, Our neighborhood’s style

We are blessed enough to live in a neighborhood with an awesome swim club, which puts on an awesome 4th of July bash.

This was our 10th year attending, as tomorrow will mark 10 official years in our house. (We were here a week before our furniture came.)

4th of July is a big deal at the pool, and we love it. It never leaves us questioning what to do on the 4th. We always know.

It’s the one time of year when everyone in the neighborhood shows up in one place.

But in order to navigate the celebration, there are some things one needs to know.

#1: Arrive early. And by early, I mean sit and wait at the gate and hour before opening.

#2: All pool real estate will be claimed within 15 minutes of opening. If you plan on arriving after that, bring your own seating. If you plan on arriving after 12 noon, don’t plan on finding any place to put the chairs you brought.

#3: There will be a fly over during the Star Spangled Banner, but no, it is not arranged. We are just lucky and happen to be en route to an actual fly over.

#4: If you like scrabbled eggs and don’t mind a little grass, visit the upper lawn a couple hours after the egg toss. There will be plenty to go around.

#5: Once a year you can dive for money and keep it. The line will be very long at the snack bar shortly there after.

#6: Wet t-shirts are tricky to put on. Always invite a veterans to join your team for the wet t-shirt relay. Of all pool events, this one requires the most skill and experience during the exchange process.

#7: Pushing a greased watermelon around the pool is a highly competitive sport around these parts. It can get ugly.

#8: Yes, the watermelon you are eating is the watermelon that was greased and pushed around in the pool.

#9: Be prepared to have a blast!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

*Note: I forgot my camera this year, so all of these pictures are from last year.

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