Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me – Part 1

My sister had been wanting me to “sew” her something for a while, so for her birthday I decided to make her a quilt. Knowing I couldn’t hide it from her, I simply told her that it was for someone else.

I found the block pattern here after spending forever searching for the “right” one. I had chosen more vintage looking fabrics so I wanted a classic looking block that was also a bit modern looking too (yes, I wanted it all). This was perfect. It also required no fancy cutting or piecing, which I was all about.

So off I went. With my cat’s help of course.

I cut for what seemed like forever. Over 500 squares!

And then the “fun” began of piecing it together. I can’t lie. It was sheer agony at times. I had a deadline I had to meet so I was basically forcing myself to do it.

Fifty-six squares later I was ready to piece the whole thing together.

My faithful assistant kept an eye on my progress. Although in reality, she was plotting this:

Note the innocent looking face. NOT!

You can see here how she had a blast running across our living room and sliding around on the squares.

Luckily I’m an Instagram addict and had posted this picture earlier in the day used it to re-piece together the squares. This time I decided to stack it up.

I wanted to use the embroidery unit on my machine to embroider a little “To/From”‘ and date in one of the squares. I also had yet to find a backing for the quilt I liked. So I left off the last row when I gave it to my sister.

She turned 21.


Oh and I should note for historical purposes, we were getting ready for Hurricane Irene to hit us. She hit us mostly between the evening of Aug. 27th (my sister’s birthday) and morning of Aug. 28th (my boyfriend’s birthday). We also experienced an earthquake earlier in the week.

Yes, we like to keep in real in Baltimore.

Flooded river with a kayaker near my boyfriend’s.

Checking on a road block by his house.


So after that the quilt topper was set aside for a while. I had completed it in less than a week and honestly didn’t really want to look at it for a bit. I was also still having trouble finding a backing I like (and wasn’t a million dollars). I sat for about 2 months before I finally went back and finished it…

Stay tuned for part 2.



2 thoughts on “Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me – Part 1

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  2. So, I’ve been stalking you online to try and get ideas of what to get you for Christmas, haha, and I came across this, and I’m under my beautiful quilt you made me right now, but you know what’s not remotely beautiful? MY FACE IN THESE PICTURES! Can you try and take more flattering pictures of me? I mean, come on, you call yourself a photographer, so mask my hideousness better next time, would ya! Okay, that is all. Other than I love the series of naughty Fluffy pictures (uh, that sounds a bit dirty, if you don’t know I’m referring to a cat rearranging quilting squares).

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