Pretty Pastel Pinwheels – for baby

Back in the fall, shortly after I finally finished my sister’s quilt, I made one for my boyfriend’s youngest niece. This quilt was actually a year overdue as I had intended to give it to her when she was born. I was in the middle of my final semester in school however and simply did not have time to make it. Although had I been smart I would have made it in the summer, but I mean, why think ahead like that or anything. So she got it for her first birthday instead. I don’t think she particularly cared.

I actually had purchased the backing fabric along with two of the other fabrics the summer before she was born, but had never gotten around to finding more fabric for the blocks. About a month before her birthday, thinking I was all awesome and planning ahead, I picked the rest of the fabrics.

And then I waited until four days until her birthday to get started.


(Sounds familiar, no?)

Needless to say, I never wanted to see another pinwheel again once I was done. I actually finished stitching the binding the day of her party.

Thank heavens I had happened to see this fast and easy way to make pinwheels when researching patterns for my sister and it saved some major time. I still had to cut my squares but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have made my deadline otherwise.

Overall I’m happy with how it turned out. I wish the contrast was better though. See how those squares with the gray polka dots really pop out? I wish it was more like that in every square. I thought that choosing fabrics was going to be easy, however it turned out to be way more challenging than I thought. I was basing the color scheme off the backing, which was very pastel-y. Turns out it hard to find fabric with those pastel-y colors but in the end, I should have been looking some darker tones too. Oh well, lesson learned.

I also learned that planning each block and making a bunch of the same ones would have been a smarter plan of attack than putting together each one at random. Because of that, I had to no easy way to lay it out, and it ended up taking me forever to lay it all out. After doing my sister’s though, it was still felt so quick to put together.

I wish I could tell you the dimensions, but honestly, I cannot remember. It was something around 40″x40″. Pinwheels are pretty easy to put together, so I think this would be an easy quilt for a beginner. As always, I recommend keeping it small, especially if you are new to sewing in general.

As always, feel free to ask questions if you have them!


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