Easy, Cheap, and All-Natural Eye Make-up Remover

I few months ago I posted about my homemade eye make-up removing wipes. Over all I’ve like them, however I wanted a more liquid version and something that would be a little more portable (versus having to remember to pack a few wipes).

This recipe works great and is super cheap and easy. It requires only three items. And no measuring.

You’ll need olive oil, witch hazel, and a container to put it in. (Yes, that’s a coffee mate container holding my olive oil.)

*Few notes:

-Interesting article on the quality of olive oils on the market

-A lot of people use baby oil, which is mineral oil. I do NOT recommend it!

-Witch hazel can be found at places like Wal-Mart. Look in the area where you would find rubbing alcohol, usually on the isle with the band-aids. 

Now that that’s cleared up we can get down to business – making your eye make-up remover. Ready?

Fill your bottle with one part olive oil and two parts witch hazel.

Now shake and use. (You’ll need to shake before each use since it does separate.)

*Note: Less is more! You don’t need much to clean your make-up off. Too much and you’ll end up with really greasy eyes. 

Yes, it really is that easy. And considering you most likely have olive oil already on hand and witch hazel is a whopping $2 a bottle, it’s super cheap too.

Pair it with some cut up fleece squares that you can wash and reuse and you’ll be well on your way to being a little more crunchy!


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